Blue Skyline supports the work of the Hillside group in promoting and widening the use of patterns. As part of this, Andy Longshaw has been programme chair for the European patterns conference EuroPLoP and served for many years on the programme committee and as a shepherd for patterns papers.

More detail on pattern-related events can be found on the events page.

Pattern Publications and Papers

The book Architecting Enterprise Solutions: Patterns for High Capability Internet Systems was authored by Andy Longshaw of Blue Skyline and Paul Dyson of e2x (now Singletrack Systems). This is a practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to architectural solutions that describes step-by-step how to design robustness and flexibility into an Internet-based system. The book grew out of several papers workshopped at the EuroPLoP conference.

Andy Longshaw of Blue Skyline and Eoin Wood, now of Endava, have co-authored several papers on distributed error handling. Back in 2003 they were both were slightly surprised that there was a lack of information on this topic since many designers and developers are engaged in creating distributed business systems. Because of this, they started to collate their experience of what they had found to work (and just as importantly what had not worked) in the area of error handling in the distributed systems they had been involved with.
Once they had captured a set of patterns and proto-patterns, they took this material to OT2004 where it was workshopped under the title of “What Went Wrong: Error handling in a distributed environment”. This workshop led to refinements of some patterns, confirmation of some proto-patterns and a general tightening up of the concepts. The resultant paper can be downloaded here (TBA). Two additional patterns were workshopped at EuroPLoP 2005. We would welcome any comments or feedback you have from your experiences in this area.

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