Hagrid’s Hut

I recently (re-)encountered the use of Lego as a metaphor for building and composing systems. There has been something lurking in the back of my head around this looking for a connection to make and I think I’ve realised what it is. When using Lego as a metaphor we need to be wary of what […]

This can’t possibly be right

I watched the recording of the first #TDDLive webinar session yesterday. It was a really good conversation (nice to see a fishbowl format in action) and I’d recommend watching it if you get the chance. The part of the conversation about mocks was interesting as panellists were bringing up their experience of codebases (or people […]

Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done? (Agile Manchester 2017)

At Agile Manchester 2017, John Nolan and I ran a workshop entitled Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done?. The idea was to examine why digital technology is generally practiced as an amoral/unethical occupation and then to ask participants to propose practical things we could do to address our behaviours. The rest of this post is […]