A team of responsible adults doesn’t need a foreman

A couple of weeks ago there was a lot of heat and noise on Twitter and the blogs about Bob Martin’s foreman articles [1][2]. I think the powers of the foreman as described are somewhat draconian and excessive but when I think of some of the situations I have found myself in over the years […]

I’ve looked at code from two sides now…

I was watching Simon Brown’s Frustrated Architect presentation¬†and I found it an interesting trip through design approaches and artefacts. Although slightly irritated that some of the agile approaches seemed to be exaggerated for effect (although I admit that there are some really bad software development teams out there calling themselves agile), his conclusion was what […]

Short standups

I was watching Rachel Davies’ NDC session about moving from Scrum to Kanban earlier today. There was a question at one point regarding the length of the conversation in kanban standups from someone who was working in scrum. They were doing round-robin standups where each person is asked in turn about what they are doing. […]