Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done? (Agile Manchester 2017)

At Agile Manchester 2017, John Nolan and I ran a workshop entitled Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done?. The idea was to examine why digital technology is generally practiced as an amoral/unethical occupation and then to ask participants to propose practical things we could do to address our behaviours. The rest of this post is […]

I was Sandi and Matt’s lab rat

…aka experiments in refactoring A couple of weeks ago I attended a session at the SPA 2014 Conference run by Sandi Metz (@sandimetz) and Matt Wynne (@mattwynne). I was looking to maintain my balance of coding sessions versus discussion or activity-based workshops so it was a toss-up between two that morning. I must admit that the session title of Replacing […]

When will we ever learn?

At the end of June, Chris Cooper-Bland and I will be running a session at the SPA2014 conference called “When will we ever learn“. The main objective of this session is to identify blockers to making learning part of business-as-usual in a software development environment and to come up with some approaches that people can […]