Who Knew – the Brexit version

Shamelessly adapted from Pink’s “Who Knew” (if you’re not familiar with the original you can see it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=NJWIbIe0N90). You took my vote at that big poll You said that we’d take back control Uh huh That’s right I took your words and I believed In everything you said to me Yeah huh That’s […]

Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done? (Agile Manchester 2017)

At Agile Manchester 2017, John Nolan and I ran a workshop entitled Technologists are amoral/unethical: what can be done?. The idea was to examine why digital technology is generally practiced as an amoral/unethical occupation and then to ask participants to propose practical things we could do to address our behaviours. The rest of this post is […]

Group ethics in software development

A couple of weeks ago I attended a really good workshop on How To Stop Being Amoral and Unethical (And Like Yourself Again) at SPA2013 led by John Nolan. The session explored the individual morality of software developers and the ethics of the organizations for which they developed software or of the wider community. The motivating examples […]