XP2016 – Agile: It’s not just about the development team – reloaded

The basin of an extinct volcano otherwise known as Edinburgh saw the second public outing of the “Agile: It’s not just about the development team” workshop run with Kevin Rutherford, this time at XP2016. The format was the same as the run at Agile Manchester 2015 but the time allowed was slightly longer so it would be […]

The impact of learning?

Over the past few months I’ve very much been a fan-boy of the work done by @racheldavies around building learning in team life. The teams at Unruly seem to have evolved a great combination of learning practices that support different types of learning: team and individual, practical and conceptual, practice and technology, etc. It’s not only […]

I was Sandi and Matt’s lab rat

…aka experiments in refactoring A couple of weeks ago I attended a session at the SPA 2014 Conference run by Sandi Metz (@sandimetz) and Matt Wynne (@mattwynne). I was looking to maintain my balance of coding sessions versus discussion or activity-based workshops so it was a toss-up between two that morning. I must admit that the session title of Replacing […]

When will we ever learn?

At the end of June, Chris Cooper-Bland and I will be running a session at the SPA2014 conference called “When will we ever learn“. The main objective of this session is to identify blockers to making learning part of business-as-usual in a software development environment and to come up with some approaches that people can […]

Group ethics in software development

A couple of weeks ago I attended a really good workshop on How To Stop Being Amoral and Unethical (And Like Yourself Again) at SPA2013 led by John Nolan. The session explored the individual morality of software developers and the ethics of the organizations for which they developed software or of the wider community. The motivating examples […]

I’ve looked at code from two sides now…

I was watching Simon Brown’s Frustrated Architect presentation and I found it an interesting trip through design approaches and artefacts. Although slightly irritated that some of the agile approaches seemed to be exaggerated for effect (although I admit that there are some really bad software development teams out there calling themselves agile), his conclusion was what […]